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      1. Moving to Black Looks 2: Black Looks 10 year archive remains in place. Photo credit: Alexis De Veaux, 2017

        Portraits and narratives of ten transgender Africans from seven countries in East and Southern Africa by Gabrielle Le Roux?in partnership with Victor Mukasa?exhibited for the first time by Amnesty International – Amsterdam. Zimbabwe: Amanda Uganda: Julius South Africa: Bongi Burundi:…

        Portrait: Ebru K?±ranc?± by Gabrielle Le Roux quote: “Hayat?± seviyoruz, Bizi ??ld??rmeyin” – “We love life, Dont kill us” Proudly Transgender in Turkey is a social justice project and cultural intervention designed by South African artist Gabrielle Le Roux. The…

        African countries passing harsh laws against LGBTs and our allies have been much in the gay press over the past year.?But all too often African LGBTs have appeared as mute objects of repression, rather than people organizing to win their…